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Services - Quality Assurance

Services-Quality Assurance

It is the firmly held belief of SCi that one of the key ingredients to a successful project, no matter what the size, is the implementation and use of good 'Quality Assurance' procedures; it is likely that, above all, we will be judged on the quality of the service we provide as a company, something that SCi are confident about and happy to happen, and is evidenced by the quality of our completed works.


The SCi Quality Policy and system of quality checks enables an auditable trail to be established from the selection of the stone, through the manufacturing process to delivery and final installation. A unique Project Management Plan will be produced for each site based project to provide the SCi site management with the necessary tools to achieve correct quality control of the site based activities.


Suitable, regular training in matters of Quality Assurance will be provided by the company to ensure that competencies required are maintained throughout the company. This training will take the form of prescribed training courses, toolbox talks and in-house developed training courses.