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Materials - Sandstone

Sandstone is a durable coarse-grained type of sedimentary rock, consisting of consolidated masses of  various mineral particles, mainly quartz, mica and felspar deposited by moving water or by wind, which has then been compacted over time by overlying deposits of sediments and bonded together with natural cements such as silica, calcium carbonates, iron oxides and clays. The term sandstone is used to describe almost any rock of a sedimentary origin with a granular texture. Some other stones that may fall under this classification include gritstones, siltstones, greywackes, conglomerates and marls.

Largely the cementing material often determines the colour of the rock, iron oxides can cause the stone to vary from buff to brown and from red to a reddish-brown colour, and the other materials producing white, yellowish, or greyish sandstone. Sandstones of various geological ages and of commercial importance are widely distributed. Yorkstone, among many other sandstones, is a particularly durable sandstone and as such is suitable for paving, flooring or cladding applications.

Most sandstones have good load bearing and weathering properties and has a good record of durability. In addition to being used as a building material, sandstone can also be carved into statues.

We include here a palette of some of our most popular materials. This display is not extensive as there are many others to choose from that are available to us from worldwide resources.