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Materials - Tuff

Tuff is a type of rock consisting of volcanic ash, ejected from vents during a volcanic eruption, that has been consolidated, cemented, or otherwise hardened to form solid rock. In strict scientific usage, the term 'tuff' refers to consolidated volcanic ash, which by definition consists of fragments smaller than 2mm. However, the term is also used fom many pyroclastic rocks comprised of fragments coarser than ash and even for pyroclastic material that has undergone limited posteruption reworking such as folding and shearing; for example many of the green slates of the lake district in Cumberland are fine cleaved ashes.

Tuff possesses a high resistance to atmospheric pollution, acid and sea spray and keeps its properties inany weather conditions, making tuff an ideal building material for external usage as well as internal applications. It can be provided in a wide variety of face finishes such as riven, flamed, gritnblasted, sanded, water jet and honed.

We include here a palette of some of our most popular materials. This display is not extensive as there are many others to choose from that are available to us from worldwide resources.